Rodney Carlton Bitterman is the son of Carl and Melinda Bitterman and the brother of Megan and Shelby. He didn't get along with Hamish when he was 5 and stopped being Hammie's nemesis and became friends with him and Wren. Every night 2 hours after Carl yells "Go to Bed!" and Rodney says "One more question!" and Carl smack says "It better not be a stupid question!" and Rodney says "Did superman go to the bathroom?" because he pesters his dad and Carl takes in an aggression.

Rodney Carlton Bitterman
Born 8 years before Zoe MacPherson
Alias Rod (by Zoe MacPherson)
Great-Grandfather World War II veteran
Grandfather Melinda's father
Father Carl Bitterman
Mother Melinda Bitterman
Sister Megan Bitterman
Brother Shelby Bitterman