"Rodney! I told you I didn't want to hear a joke! If you disobey me one more time I'll put your head in the bucket and then I will-"

Carl Bitterman telling Rodney he refuses to hear jokes until Wanda interrupts him.

Rodney Carlton Bitterman is the first villainus son of Carl and Melinda Bitterman and the brother of Megan and Shelby. He didn't get along with Hamish when he was 5 and stopped being Hammie's nemesis and became friends with him and Wren. Every night 2 hours after Carl yells "Go to Bed!" and Rodney says "One more question!" and Carl smack says "It better not be a stupid question!" and Rodney says "Did superman go to the bathroom?" because he pesters his dad and Carl takes in an aggression.

He was in Mr Doyle's class 8 years before Zoe and at Happy Hands Preschool and later was expelled from Happy Hands for hitting someone who bullied him and villainy. They had to enroll him at Redfield Preschool.

Rodney Carlton Bitterman
Born 8 years before Zoe MacPherson
Alias Rod (by Zoe MacPherson)
Great-Grandfather World War II veteran
Grandfather Melinda's father
Father Carl Bitterman
Mother Melinda Bitterman
Sister Megan Bitterman
Brother Shelby Bitterman