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Rhonda is Wanda's sister. She enjoys the life of being a single woman, except when given a hard time about not "having children and settling down" by her mother. She usually shows up as the babysitter when Wanda and Darryl go out. She is sometimes even tricked into babysitting for them. The kids usually expect her to have presents, especially around the holidays.

Rhonda looks a lot like her sister and mother, with straight, short black hair that sticks up at the top. She is usually seen wearing a skirt and earings, as opposed to her sister's more casual wear.


Early appearences (1990s)Edit

Her earliest appearence, dating back to when Zoe was a baby. Then she babysat Zoe as a toddler while Darryl and Wanda went to stay at a hotel, but unfortunately Zoe got sick and Darryl and Wanda had to leave early. She also came to visit when Darryl and Wanda invited all four grandparents (Darryl's parents and Wanda's parents) over.


On Thursday, December 26, 1996 (the day after Christmas) Rhonda came for three days to see the family. During the visit, Rhonda gave Zoe a Barbie doll, to Wanda's dismay. On Thursday, February 13, 1997, she made a short cameo when Wanda showed her Zoe's Valentine's Day card for Darryl.