Keesha and Dziko


Darryl MacPherson, and possibly Butch



Mike is recurring character in Baby Blues and has many roles in the strip. He is the husband of Yolanda, the father of Keesha and Dziko, and one of Darryl's closest friends.

Description Edit

The oldest comic available on Baby featuring Mike is on Saturday, January 16, 1996, but he's been in the comic strip before Keesha was even born.

In the book "We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By," Mike and Yolanda told Darryl and Wanda that Yolanda was pregnant. There were several strips where Mike talked about Yolanda expecting him to do things for her, hiding when Wanda and Yolanda were talking about circumcision, and then when Yolanda was in labor, Mike panicked and ran to the MacPherson's house to tell Darryl and Wanda.

Ever since Keesha's birth, Darryl and Mike have become closer friends and have shared stories about their children.

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