Melinda Bitterman


Melinda Bitterman


unknown, grandfather mentioned in "Wanda Proof"


Carl Bitterman


Carl's grandfather who was in WWII with Darryl's grandfather


Megan Bitterman


Shelby Bitterman Rodney Bitterman

Melinda is Wanda Wizowski's friend and neighbor whose family is dysfunctional. Melinda is always seen smoking in her yard as her husband and kids are working on some bizarre, dangerous or disastrous activity. Any time she sees Wanda, she always greets with the same line, "Hi Wanda, how's the baby?" Seemingly careless or tired, Melinda seems to desire the happiness and relationship she once had before she became a mother and somewhat envies Wanda's stable life, but is still content with her family. She always talks in a calm voice, even when discussing an insane thing that her family is doing, as if it were normal.&nbsp


  • She only appeared in the short-lived animated series
  • In "Ugly Zoe" she mentioned she was raised by carnival people and her earliest memory is being shoved into a tiny box
  • It is highly unlikely she'll appear in the comic series
  • She is Zoe's former godmother
  • Some people view her as Wanda's opposite that have seen the animated series
  • She met Carl at a Disco Rollar Rink where he was "King Carl" and Melinda ditched her date for him