Not to be confused with Jenny, the babysitter, or Jennifer, Zoe's friend.


Jen was Wanda's college roommate. From Tuesday, May 23 to Saturday, June 3, 2006, Wanda went to visit Jen (In the comic strip timeline, this was only for the weekend, even though it was a 2 week batch of comic strips.) The two weeks were about Darryl taking care of Zoe, Hammie, and Wren, so Jen was not mentioned or seen in these strips. The only time Wanda even called her "Jen" was on June 3, 2006, when Wanda came back and said "It was great seeing Jen again!"


-Zoe has a friend also named Jennifer.

-There was a babysitter named Jennifer who is called Jenny.

-Zoe's middle name was Jennifer, but it got changed to Madison.