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God Forbid

Episode number


Directed by

Shawn Björklund

Written by

Robert Kurtz and Eric Brand

Original air date

July 28, 2000

God Forbid is episode 1 of the Baby Blues TV series. 


After worrying about who should be Zoe's godparents, Wanda designates the Bittermans, their dysfunctional next-door neighbors. However, noting that Darryl and Carl don't get along very well, Melinda invites the MacPhersons to go with her family on a camping trip.


Darryl MacPherson

Wanda Wizowski-MacPherson

Zoe MacPherson

Carl Bitterman

Melinda Bitterman

Rodney Bitterman

Megan Bitterman

Shelby Bitterman

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