Emily: Zoe's friend




Zoe MacPherson And possibly the other Emilys.


On Saturday, March 26, 2011, Zoe was invited to Emily's shopping party. A shopping party, Zoe explained, is a party where all the invited girls bring credit cards and buy whatever Emily wants at the mall. Since this is the newest strip, it's unknown what happens next.

Is She in Zoe's Class?Edit

This is unknown too. Assuming she was in Zoe's class, with Mr. Doyle as the teacher, than this Emily would be one out of three Emilys in Mr. Doyle's class.

But, if she isn't in Zoe's class, than she is not one of the three Emilys in Mr. Doyle's class. This would mean there are four Emilys in the comic strip.

I don't want to be called Madison


Emily is a popular name in Baby Blues! There are three girls in Zoe's class named Emily.