Darryl MacPherson
Darryl (left), teaching Zoe (right) and Hammie (not shown) about tadpoles.


Darryl MacPherson










Rhonda(sister in-law)

Darryl is the husband of Wanda and the father of Zoe, Hammie, and Wren. 


Darryl loves being a dad, even though it's the hardest work he's ever done (aside from the summer job in the elephant pen at the zoo during college). The consummate involved parent, Darryl is there whenever possible to lend a hand, wipe a nose, kiss a boo-boo or shoo a monster. His boss at work was Kenny who calls him Captain.

He's been married to Wanda for years, but despite her constant reminding he is sometimes oblivious of his wife's exhausted state. In various strips, Zoe, Wren, and Hammie wait to meet him right when he gets home from work.

In some strips, he appears to dislike "The Whistling Monkey Cowboy Band". One example is while Wren is obsessed with the merchandise, Wanda states that Bill Murray and Robin Williams have recently finished working on a "Whistling Monkey Cowboy Band" movie whereupon Darryl retreats to the roof. He also tends to swear when accidentally injuring himself or frustrated.


Some bits of Darryl's childhood are revealed in several strips, such as one from February 16, 2003 (right). There was also pictures of Darryl's childhood in the week of strips from May 8 to May 12, 2006, labeled "Good Parenting Then and Now," in which Darryl and Wanda's parenting ("now") is compared to the way they were raised by their parents ("then").

These strips reveal that Darryl got his orange hair from his mother. They also show that he did not have glasses as a kid. His father, Mac, encouraged him to go outside, and his mother Pauline said to him "I guess you learned a little lesson about climbing trees" after he fell out of a tree and she gave him a bandaid.

February 16, 2003

Darryl, in panel 5 (not counting the throwaway panel at the top) is seen with his parents putting him to bed.

There was also a strip on September 4, 2008, (left) which shows the violent cartoons Darryl watched as a kid (possible references to "Looney Toons") being compared to the less-violent cartoons Hammie is watching.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Darryl watches cartoons as a child.