Bogart, Wendell Jon, Wendell John

mother-in-law and father-in-law:

Bunny's parents


Darryl MacPherson and Mike

Butch is the husband of Bunny, and the father of Bogart, Wendell Jon, and Wendell John. Most of the time he is only seen with Bunny, but he has been seen with Darryl for a comic where they were going to play basketball with Mike.

One story reveals that everytime his wife is pregnant, for her own comfort, he buys her an SUV. Another comic reveals that when Darryl said his wife Wanda is crazy, Butch replied "Not as crazy as mine!" He might have been talking about her bragging on their son Bogart, since Wanda and Bunny were bragging about their children when Butch said that.

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