Wendell Jon and Wendell John(sons)

Thelma(possible relative)


Yolanda, Wanda

Bunny is one of the MacPherson's neighbors. She, and all the other neighbors, call her lifestyle "perfect" because of the way she brags about her child Bogart's vocabulary, learning skills, behavior, and immune system. She also appears to be a great cook and possibly rich, since her husband buys her a new car for every pregnancy, just for her own comfort.


Bunny's "perfect" lifestyle and bragging is irritating to everyone else around her, though she seems oblivious to it. She has attempted to help Wanda get organized by giving her a list of things to clean during the day, but Wanda failed at completing the list since baby Zoe kept destroying things and messing things up. Bunny also took Wanda to the hospital because she tripped on the kid's toys and hurt her knee, but in her need to be "perfect" got the car detailed on the way to the emergency room because "the white walls were filthy!" Bunny also put Wanda in charge of her children when she and her husband Butch were going to go to Hawaii on a business trip, and didn't tell Wanda until the day they were leaving.


Bunny has a husband, Butch, and three sons. The first son, Bogart, is the same age as Zoe. And on August 10, 2002, Bunny gave birth to twin boys. She gave both boys the first name Wendell, and decided to give them similar (but differently spelled) middle names; Jon and John. Zoe has commented that when Bunny is not looking, she shuffles the twins, which proves that even Bunny cannot tell the difference between the two. Bunny once looked for identical twin goldfish for Wendell John and Wendell Jon when they get older.