Bogart and his two little brothers.




9 years, same as Zoe MacPherson






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Zoe MacPherson

Bogart is the oldest son of Butch and Bunny. He is Zoe's age, which is currently 9 years old.

Early ComicsEdit

In the old comics, when Zoe and Bogart were both babies, Bunny would always brag about Bogart's fast increasing vocabulary and ability to stand up. In one comic, where Wanda was complaining about her life to Bunny, she said "Why is it that your baby is so well-behaved, and mine is a handful?" And in the bottom right corner of the panel, Zoe wacked Bogart's head with a teddy bear as a replacement for the mallet.

In a different old Baby Blues comic, around the time Bogart and Zoe were toddlers, Bogart was bragging to Zoe about things in his life that are better than things in Zoe's life (which he probably picked up from his mother, since she brags like that to Wanda.) Zoe's response to this was "Oh yeah, well my mommy has a bigger bottom than your mommy!" which made Bogart cry and run to his mom.

First GradeEdit

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On Zoe's first day of first grade, she is surprised to see Bogart also goes to school. She calls him a crybaby, which makes him upset, and he starts crying. When Zoe does apologize, Bogart asks if they can have lunch together. Zoe's response was that, since they already know eachother, they should sit with other kids. He asks if she's "dumping" him, and she says that they should "see other neighbors."

Bogart's Twin BrothersEdit

When Bogart's mom, Zoe's mom, and Keesha's mom were pregnant with Wren, Dziko, and Bunny's twins, Zoe once suggested that their parents were trying to "phase them out." Bogart looked scared when Zoe suggested this.
Phase us out

"I think they're trying to phase us out"

When Bogart does meet his twin brothers, he shows his first sign that he's not much more intelligent than other kids. The conversation went like this:

Bunny: "These are your new brothers Bogart, what do you think?"

Bogart: "They match."

Bunny: "That's right! When twins look exactly alike, they're called "identicle" or "monozygotic."


Bunny: "What?"

Bogart: "I was sort of hoping we could call them Pete and Buster."