Zoe MacPherson, and Keesha.


Ashley's mother (mentioned by Zoe)


Ashley's gerbil

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Kath soucie


Ashley is a girl who is Zoe's age. She has black, short hair, and represents the stereotypical rich girl.


Zoe Invites AshleyEdit

On June 19, 2006, Zoe said that she wanted to invite Keesha over, but she already invited Ashley. Ashley and Keesha, according to Zoe, get along only if they're playing jump rope, kickball, or monopoly. This was the second time Ashley was mentioned other than the time Zoe brought Wren for show and tell (see "Ashley's Gerbil" below.)

Ashley's GerbilEdit

In a strip from April, 2006, Zoe wants to bring Wren to show and tell because she's "sick of Ashley getting all the attention because of her stupid gerbil." Later, when Wanda goes to Zoe's school to bring Wren for show and tell, Zoe gets competitive about Wren.

Ashley's gerbil

Zoe brings Wren for show-and-tell.

Ashley sleeps overEdit

From June 19 to June 23, 2007, Ashley has a sleepover at Zoe's house. In her first appearence, June 20, 2007, Ashley makes it clear that she is a snobby rich girl (i.e; saying that the house was small, asking Zoe if they picked the wall colors for the house, thinking Zoe's mother was the maid). In both the first and last comic strips of the story, Zoe admits her reason for inviting Ashley was so that Wanda and Darryl would appreciate how nice she is.


Ashley's first appearence


Other AppearencesEdit

Other than these appearences, Ashley has only been mentioned in three other Baby Blues strips. One of them was part of the 2008 Christmas story where Zoe and Hammie wish for all the presents in the world. Ashley was also mentioned on October 31, 2007 where Zoe mentions she brought her family's "collection of original picassos," and in a 2009 strip where Zoe's talking about Ashley's mother.

Ashley's mom

Sunday, July 19, 2009


  • It's possible that when Zoe mentioned Ashley in the June 2006 strip, that this was a different Ashley. A good reason for doubt is because Zoe mentions that she was going to invite Ashley, when a year later she actually invites Ashley to her house for the first time. But since Zoe is closer friends with Keesha, and she was deciding whether or not to invite Keesha because Keesha and Ashley don't get along too well, it's also possible that Zoe decided to invite Keesha instead of Ashley.
  • In Ashley's first appearence, she is wearing a pink shirt and a white shorts with pink flowers.
  • Ashley, while shaking Wanda's hand, mentions that all the moms she knows have long fingernails and smooth hands. Two years later, Zoe mentions that Ashley's mother has long, shiny fingernails.
  • The latest strip where Ashley was mentioned (July 19, 2009) reveals that Ashley is an only child.