Wrennie "Wren" MacPherson






Ralph(paternal ancestor deceased),

Austin(paternal ancestor deceased),

Theodora(paternal ancestor deceased),

Leslie(paternal ancestor deceased),

Timothea(paternal ancestor deceased),

Lindsey(paternal ancestor deceased),

Rupert(paternal ancestor deceased),

Shane(paternal ancestor deceased),

Harry(paternal ancestor deceased),

Alba(paternal ancestor deceased),

Hermione(paternal great-great-great-grandmother deceased),

Ashley(paternal great-great-great-grandfather deceased),

Ham(paternal great-great-grandfather deceased),

Kevin(paternal great-great-grandmother deceased),

Henry(paternal great-grandfather deceased),

Izzy(paternal great-grandmother deceased),

Hardwin(paternal great-grandfather deceased),

Marva(paternal great-grandmother deceased),


Pauline Dickerson(grandmother),

Billy(maternal great-grandfather),

Elaine(maternal great-grandmother),

Hugh & Maggie (grandparents)



Rick Kirkman (biological father)

Sukey Kirkman (biological mother)



First appearance

October 26, 2002


19 months (as of January 5, 2018)

"POP! POP! You have a little sister and a little brother"

Rodney Bitterman talking to Zoe during the night at 3 in the morning.

"Wrennie" Wren MacPherson is the third child of Darryl and Wanda and the biological child of Rick and Sukey. She is a parody of Dot from Animaniacs. She is a very curious baby, and is often is shown climbing on top of things or grabbing at things. She usually does unusual and weird things that babies her age can't do. She said her first words (First "ma", then "da", and eventually "no") on Monday, May 19, 2008. Wanda explained that she thought of her name when a bird collided with a window during breakfast time in the hospital. Like her siblings, Wren somewhat looks like a dog. Her twin sister Max had died during childbirth.


Wren is a red-headed baby with round eyes. Almost all the time she's seen, she wears a colored bow in her hair, which is similar to the flower Dot wears in her ears. In the earlier strips she was in, she had a small nose and few hair, but in the newer strips, she has more hair and a bigger nose. Like the other main characters, she has different clothes in different strips. On occasion, she is topless. On September 27, 2014, she now has a full head of hair instead of a hair tuft. As of January 5, 2018, she is 19 months old.